Simple Photostreaming for Free

Photodrip allows you to show anyone what's in front of you. Simply select a recipient and start snapping pictures. The recipient receives your images instantly and continuously.

Photodrip is a free app that allows you to show anyone what's in front of you!


A Need Fulfilled

👤 🕔 May 27, 2013 0

The world is littered with photo based startups.

Some have worked out well, like Flickr, Picasa or Instagram. Then there is also iCloud, MMS, email, and more. Hundreds of ways to take and manage your photos.

Is Photodrip different?

Yes – with Photodrip you take a photo and it shows up on your stream within a second or so. ‘Realtime’ photo sharing.

Is Photodrip easy?

You simply open the app and start taking photos, sending the link to your photostream is as easy as getting a URL to someone – SMS, email, by voice over the phone – it just takes a few seconds to invite someone. All they need is a web browser. As you shoot photos, they show up for your invitee within a second of you shooting them.