Simple Photostreaming for Free

Photodrip allows you to show anyone what's in front of you. Simply select a recipient and start snapping pictures. The recipient receives your images instantly and continuously.

Photodrip is a free app that allows you to show anyone what's in front of you!


How to use Photodrip

  • Install the app from the App Store. (iPad, iPod or iPhone running iOS 6 or later).
  • Open the app, press the ‘Start a new Stream’ button.
  • A dialog appears where you can add recipents for this stream. This is optional. Add mobile phone numbers or email addresses of people that you want to send photos to.
  • Click Send – your recipients will get a link to a web page where your photos will show up.
  • Now start taking photos. As soon as you take one, anyone watching the web site at the link you sent will see the photo. Take as many photos as you want – they will not clog up your camera roll. You can also add photos from your camera roll, or add previously taken photos from photodrip – use the ‘roll button at the lower left’.
  • You can see what’s currently posted on this stream by touching the recipient names button at the top of the camera. From this view you can delete photos from the stream or add comments, or change the photo caption.


Photo management

  • The last 100 photos you take with the app are stored on your phone, accessible from any stream by clicking the camera roll button.
  • When you post a photo to a stream, it stays up for just a few days. While the original stays on your phone until you delete it, only keeps a copy on the internet for two days or so. We do not keep any photos you upload – in other words all uploaded photos are  deleted from our servers after 3 days. You can always repost a photo for someone if they want to see something again.
  • If you take a photo with Photodrip that you want to keep, you can go into the Photodrip camera roll, and touch and hold on an image, which will bring up a menu, with ‘Copy, Delete and Save’ options. Pressing Save will add the photo  to your camera roll, where you can keep it permanently. Delete will delete the photo from your iPhone/iPad.
    Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 12.50.10 PM

    Save a photo to your camera roll. Tap and hold.

  • Photodrip will keep the last 100 photos you have taken with it, so if you like a photo you have taken, remember to save it to your camera roll before you take a hundred more photos!


Sharing photos

  • You can access the Subscribers panel by clicking on the top right of the camera area, on the sharing icon. When you add a subscriber,  they are not notified until you click ‘Send’. You can get a copy of the link for the current stream by clicking the ‘URL’ button.


About your streams

  • You can have up to 3 streams in this initial version of Photodrip. Each stream you make has a unique link which is only known to you and whoever you share your stream with. So you might make up a stream with your friend that you use for shopping and fun. As long as your friend does not share the link you are the only two people who will be able to see the photos. This makes the sharing fairly private, but if someone gets a hold of the link to your stream, they can see the photos you take.
  • You can delete a stream which will delete all the uploaded photos for that stream. When you make a new stream it will be on a different URL, so that’s one way to increase privacy and security – simply make a new stream. To delete a stream, go to the home page and swipe left on a stream instead of touching it.
  • Since the posted photos only stay online for two days, you don’t usually have to bother deleting photos you posted (say of the new clothes you are looking at buying), as they will soon disappear. If you would like photos to stay up longer (or indeed have any other suggestions or comments) please contact us at [email protected] (We also make Spotdox for Dropbox).



  • Comments are there under each posted photo. The comments are hosted on our servers and are not kept after the associated photos are deleted off of our servers. You are required to enter name and email address as a spam prevention mechanism. We do not store or use the email address provided in any manner.


Technical Goodies

  • Images are posted a lower resolution than the full image, this makes the posting and viewing fast and efficient. If someone wants a full resolution version, you can use the ‘Copy’ or ‘Save’ features to get the full resolution image to them.
  • We are looking for ideas for the product, such as new features or ways to share, along with any professional features that are needed. Please email us with any idea, comment or really just about anything.


–Tom Andersen

–James Palmer


16 Bruce St North, Unit 4

Thornbury Ontario, Canada.

705 888 4324