Simple Photostreaming for Free

Photodrip allows you to show anyone what's in front of you. Simply select a recipient and start snapping pictures. The recipient receives your images instantly and continuously.

Photodrip is a free app that allows you to show anyone what's in front of you!

Real Estate

Real Estate

Photodrip for Real Estate is a customized version of the Photodrip
technology tailored for Real Estate Agents. The download link is provided below:
Photodrip Real Estate on iTunes.

Arrive on site without your client? No problem, just call them up and treat them to a live virtual tour. When you snap a photo (even while talking on the phone), your client sees the photo within a second or two.


Super easy to use:

– We want to make it easy for you to show your listings. Select a recipient and start snapping pics. That’s all there is to it.

• Launch app.
• Take photos. 
• Within 1 – 3 seconds recipients will see the photo you have taken.
• Invite by SMS, email, phone conversation. 
• Images are not added to your Camera Roll.
• No accounts to set up.
• Recipients only need a web browser, no app required.
• Recipients can comment on photos.

The photos are published to a private link that only you and your clients have access to. Photos will only last a short while, so privacy and security is enhanced.